Shaggin' Utrecht

28 - 30 June 2024

Buckle up and get ready to shag!Shaggin’ Utrecht is back this year in a bigger format after a successful first edition last year in 2023! Come and join us for this Collegiate Shag festival that will offer you in the course of a weekend no less than 5,5 hours of classes from some of the best international teachers as well as 3 parties with live music!

Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate dancer or a veteran Shagger, there will be a level for you. Are you just a Swing dance enthusiast but you’ve never tried Collegiate Shag before? We got you: we offer a specific party pass that includes 2 beginner’s crash courses before the parties.

What to expect?

  • 3 levels of classes
  • 5,5 hours of classes per level
  • 2 international teaching couples
  • 3 bands for 3 parties with live music

Something for your friends who never danced Collegiate Shag before: a special party pass (“Initiation Pass”) that includes absolute beginner’s crash courses before the Friday and Saturday parties!


With over 7 years of experience dancing Collegiate Shag, Jordan Hunter (USA) & Charlotte Liebenow (GER) bring their passion of the dance to the floor and the studio, where they focus on fundamentals, technique, musicality, and exploring new ideas.

Since first meeting in the summer of 2021, they had an instant connection and shared love for the dance, and shortly thereafter started teaching Collegiate Shag in Berlin, where they currently reside, and across all of Europe. In the last few years they have competed together at multiple events around the world, including Barcelona Shag Fest, Warsaw Shag Fest, and recently winning the Shag contest at the National Jitterbug Championship at Camp Hollywood 2023.

Eglė Trečiokaitė and Artūras Kisielius are swing dancers from Vilnius, Lithuania. Dancing Lindy Hop since 2014, they discovered later and became passionate about Collegiate Shag. Coupled up for the first time in 2017, they kept their partnership creative and ambitious, expressing themselves competing and performing. Being enthusiastic about this dance, they share their love for it with the community while social dancing and teaching at What a Jazz dance studio.

The beginner’s crash courses from the Initiation Pass will be taught by local teachers.


Level 1 – Shag explorers (½ year of experience) 

You know your basic stuff: You know the basic six-count, you know your tuck turns and you scoop everyone into a Shag (whether they know Shag as well or not). You have been doing a few workshops or took a few classes already, and you are hungry as the wolf to learn more of this amazing dance.     

Level 2 – Shag climbers (2+ year of experience)

You have been dancing Shag for at least 2 years and the enthusiasm and hunger for knowledge just keeps on growing. As you string your cross-kicks and your lunges together on the social dancefloor, you find the time to throw in some footwork variations just for the fun of it. Next to your classes you already attended an international festival or two to get deeper into the glory they call the Collegiate Shag.

Level 3 – Shag flyers (4+ years of experience)

You have been taking classes at the highest level for a while now, you’ve been to multiple other Shag events before. You might even teach in your local scene, or have competed in Shag competitions. Or you might have invented Shag altogether. If so, this is the level for you.


The Hot Washing Quartet

The Hot Washing Quartet is a collective of Swing music enthusiasts from Utrecht. You might have seen these musicians play with other formations at swing dance events.

With their use of the iconic washboard and banjo, they’ll bring you to the early days of street Jazz and give you a little glimpse of the New Orleans style. The clarinet and the double-bass will complement this style with their solid rhythm and crazy melodies. They will nonetheless use other instruments as well to bring some variety in their repertoire, and might invite a few friends on stage to join the craziness!

Roaring Cats

Roaring Cats are one of Europe’s most promising bands regarding swing and hot Jazz. The tiny orchestra based in Amsterdam took the challenge of giving value and new significance to the roots of Jazz.

Their repertoire consists of original arrangements of the finest tunes by the top artists of the 30’s and 40’s. On top of that, they are presenting original compositions in style. Swell notes for hyperactive swing dancers and for sedentary drinking listeners.

The Spirit Stompers

The Spirit Stompers is a collective of enthusiast dancers and musicians, brought together by the love of Swing music. This big band-like formation features a wide range of wind instruments and won’t be short of energy to get you doing your last hops of the weekend!


More information

€170 – Full pas (All classes & parties)

The Full Pass gives you access to all parties with live music (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) as well as 5,5 hours of classes.

€60 – Party Pass (All parties)

The Party Pass gives you access to all parties with live music (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

€70 – Initiation pass (All parties + beginner’s workshop)

This is a Party Pass that includes absolute beginner’s crash courses right before the Friday and the Saturday parties (1h15min each).
Classes will be given by a blend of the best selection of local Utrecht Shag teachers.

Friday & Saturday parties

Zalencentrum Utrecht Zuid / Amaliadwarsstraat 2D, 3522 AR Utrecht


Gymzaal / Amsterdamsestraatweg 3,  3513AA

DCU – Danscentrum Utrecht / Herenweg 10, 3513 CE Utrecht

Sunday Tea Dance

Moira / Wolvenstraat 10, 3512 CH Utrecht

From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, take the local NS train to Utrecht Centraal (33 minutes)

From Amsterdam Centraal Station, take the local NS train to Utrecht Centraal (34 minutes)

Check your trip in details via the 9292 website 

Or the NS website

Did we get you excited?

Great! Now lace up those dance shoes and get ready to groove to the pulsating rhythms – Shaggin’ Utrecht festival eagerly awaits your vibrant presence!

Registrations will open on Friday March 1st