Swing in Utrecht provides lessons in a variety of styles. Most of these fall under the umbrella term Swing dancing, which is a group of dances with Afro-American origins that developed in the 1920s and 1950s in the Black communities of Harlem, New York City.

Swing dance styles we teach

Lindy Hop

The main dance style at Swing in Utrecht. This joyful partner dance is characterized by musicality, connection and improvisation.

Solo Jazz

Solo Jazz is like becoming one with the music. Covers anything that’s danced solo and includes many moves that will aid your partner dancing too.


Slower, smoother, and more intimate. Just like the other dances here Blues has roots in African-American dance and came up alongside Blues music.

Collegiate Shag

Fast and up-tempo! Its flashy footwork probably makes it the silliest of them all, while being just as creative. Start at medium tempo and work your way up!


Given during Lindy Hop lessons and sometimes as extra workshops. It’s fast and wide, with lots of kicks and quick motions. 


Balboa is fast, subtle, close and intimate. The tiniest of move could be invisible for the audience, but be big for you and your partner.

Dance with everyone

Part of Swing dancing is that you dance with many different partners. Therefore in class we rotate partners. This means you’ll get to dance with all the other people from the opposite role. This will improve your ability to dance. You may choose to find a partner and not switch, but we don’t recommend it. We also encourage you to make sure you attend as many lessons as possible, as the lessons build on each other. If you’re unsure about your level, we’ll help you figuring that out.

Lesson blocks

Every year Swing in Utrecht has three lesson blocks. Usually January-March, April-June, September-December with a Summer break that usually contains Summer Workshops. Registration for each of those opens a month in advance. Every block contains a variety of different lessons with some usual suspects like Lindy Hop (which includes Charleston), Blues, Collegiate Shag and Solo Jazz. Some blocks we also present Themed Classes or half blocks of specific dance styles or specific focuses, like for example Balboa dancing, ‘role switching’ or specific Solo Jazz routines. A full block is usually 10-12 lessons.

How do we dance

All the dance styles, apart from Solo Jazz, are danced with a partner. One lead/leader, who improvises and leads the moves, and one follow/follower who listens with their body and reacts. Follows are also taught to initiate moves on their own, for a more balanced dance. Leads and follows are not bound to gender and learning both roles will improve your dancing vastly.

If you’re unsure what role you want to dance, come to our weekly Wednesday HopSpot and try out a Beginner Drop-in Workshop from 19:40 to 20:30.

Private lessons

Looking for private lessons to hone specific skills or looking for workshops during events?
Ask the teacher of your choice about possibilities, or mail us at info@swinginutrecht.nl