It can be a little confusing to know what level you should get in, or what the correct route is to follow. If you’re new to dancing or Swing dancing, it’s always best to start at Beginner level (Lindy 1A). But if you come from another scene with a different leveling system you should probably come to one of our socials and do a small audition.

What's your level?

Different levels in Lindy Hop classes

Lindy Hop comes in several different levels. Lindy Hop beginners should start at Lindy 1A, 1B and 1C (in this specific order). These cover the basics and always follow a core curriculum. Usually finishing a level will automatically grant you access to the next, but sometimes you might be advised to redo a level. This could happen if you were absent for many classes or the technical basis needs more attention to enjoy the Lindy 2 class. If you’ve done all three in order you can pass onto Lindy 2.

Every Lindy 2 class has a variety of different topics so no two Lindy 2 classes are the same. It is recommended that you take Lindy 2 for a full year (3 blocks of classes) before you move on to Lindy 3. This is where your creativity will be trained and you will be given more moves to play with and combine. After a full year you should have had enough variation and material. Be aware that your teachers will also check if you are ready for Lindy 3.

Similar to Lindy 2, Lindy 3 is also different every block. In Lindy 3 we’re going deeper into the basics. You know so many moves, but now we’re breaking them down so you can build them back up so you truly understand what makes them work.

Lindy 4 is our highest Lindy level and can only be achieved by passing a level check. For this level you need dedication and passion, and you shouldn’t be afraid to really go into the nitty gritty of your own techniques. In Lindy 3 we break down moves, but in Lindy 4 we will break down your technique and help you build it up again. 

What's your level?

Blues, Collegiate Shag, Solo Jazz & Balboa

Start your swing dance journey with our Beginner classes, where you’ll learn fundamental steps and basic moves. Our experienced instructors will ensure you have a solid foundation for an enjoyable dance experience. Join us and take your first steps towards becoming a confident dancer!

Congratulations on completing the Beginner class! Elevate your skills in our Intermediate class, where you’ll explore deeper aspects of swing dancing. Refine your technique, learn advanced moves, and grow as a dancer. Get ready to expand your repertoire and enhance your dance experience with the energy of swing!

For those who conquered the Intermediate level, the Advanced class awaits! Tailored for experienced dancers, it explores complex patterns, intricate footwork, and dynamic partner connections. Our skilled instructors will guide you as you reach new heights in your swing dancing journey. 

Please keep in mind that we don’t always offer every level of each of these dance styles every block and it’s always a good idea to ask your teacher if they think you can make it to the next level or if you have to redo your current one.