SwingDom 2024 | 8-10 November

Mark your calendars, we are excited to announce:

8-10 November SwingDom is happening again!

More info will follow soon, so check the Facebook event, our socials, and/or our SwingDom website (swingdom.nl) for updates!

More news & updates

New website, new ambitions

Our new website is finally, finally live! We’ve been working on this thing for quite a long time. Our goal is for this website to become our new hub of information. Yes, you will still be able to find information on Facebook, Instagram and Lindyhop.nl, but on this website it will be clearer and more to the point.

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Album of the week: Ellington at Newport 1956

Our Lindy 3 and 4 teachers Peter and Julia present us every monday with an Album of the Week, always including some amazing historical context and fun trivia. This made us really enthusiastic about learning more about the culture and the music.

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